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The Ann Arbor Dog Training Club was formed in 1967 and has been teaching people to train their dogs ever since. AADTC's experienced instructors offer a wide variety of classes including puppy socialization, household manners, competition obedience, agility, tracking, flyball, and rally. AADTC also offers an AKC sanctioned obedience/rally trial weekend in October and three weekends of AKC sanctioned agility trials February, April and September. Throughout the year we occasionally offer a variety of dog-related seminars.

We teach you to train your dog!

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  March 18, 2018
    Obedience/Rally Fun Match
  March 18, 2018
    AADTC Awards Banquet
  April 7, 2018
    CWAGS Obedience and Rally Trial
  April 22, 2018
    Obedience/Rally Fun Match
  April 27-29, 2018
    Agility Trial
  May 11-13, 2018
    Agility Trial
  May 20, 2018
    Obedience/Rally Fun Match
  June 17, 2018
    Obedience/Rally Fun Match
  June 23-24, 2018
     Sandy Ladwig Seminar on Philosophy and Problem Solving
  July 22, 2018
    Obedience/Rally Fun Match
  August 19, 2018
    Obedience/Rally Fun Match
  Sept 23, 2018
    Obedience/Rally Fun Match
  Nov 11, 2018
    Obedience/Rally Fun Match